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Brand Guidelines
Intellectual Property Guidelines
  Intellectual Property

Talus is proud that its innovations have been awarded many patents and trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Talus has a duty and a right to inform the market of our patent, trademark and copyright rights, and we do not hesitate to enforce our rights when necessary and have received injunctions and monetary relief where our rights have been infringed. As part of those efforts, below is a non-exhaustive list of intellectual property rights.

Talus products are covered by one or more of the following registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries:
High Road® U.S. Registration no. 2491403
Smooth Trip® U.S. Registration no. 3337448
TrashStash® U.S. Registration no. 4175205
CarHooks® U.S. Registration no. 5158703

Talus maintains the following common law trademarks under the High Road brand:

Talus maintains the following common law trademarks under the Smooth Trip brand:

When using the marks in publication materials that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate symbol on first use. For publication materials that will be distributed outside the United States do not include trademark symbols.

Always use the appropriate trademark credit notice: The High Road and Smooth Trip trademarks are the property of Talus Corp., registered in the U.S. and Canada.

First use examples:
High Road® TrashStash® Litterbag
High Road® Swing Away™ Organizer
Smooth Trip® Neat 'n Fresh™ Laundry Bags
Smooth Trip® SoftBend™ Memory Foam Travel Pillow


Talus products are covered by one or more of the following patents:
D602693, DriverPockets Cell Phone Organizer
D601353, DriverCup Cell Phone Organizer
D650733, Charger Caddy
D658568, Driver Organizer
D700780, Doggie Organizer
D739338, Ultra DriverCup Cell Phone Organizer
D782,389, Ultra DriverPockets Cell Phone Organizer
D770,360, TissuePockets Seat Back Organizer
D751,262, StableMate Car Trash Bins
D751,370 S, Contour CarHooks
D777,468, Band-it Tissue Holder
D780,666, PadPockets Seat Back Organizer
D820,595, StashAway Seat Back Trash Organizer
D786,632, Kid's Car Seat Organizer with Cooler
D792,517, StashCache Dashboard Phone Stand
D808,165, Dog Walking Pack
D822,994, ZipFit Cargo Organizer
D825,436, StashAway Console Trash Bin
D838,481, ExpandaBin Trunk Organizer


Please use only photos provided by Talus. Our images are designed to help you sell, showing our products demonstrating important benefits. Images of Talus packaging should be secondary photos, not the primary selling photo. Product silos may be used as we provide them, but should not be used as the primary photograph unless designated.


We try to be clear, direct and concise in our selling copy and ask that you do the same. We will provide product information—benefits, features and construction specifications—and ask that you use only this information in your copy. If you have questions on content, branding or style, please contact Kim Filippone at


We offer feature/benefit, instructional and educational videos for your use on select products. 


Use only the Talus logos that appear on this website. If you are currently using an old logo or do not have a copy, please email Angela Nealey at
Using Talus Images, Content and Videos
  We work hard to provide our retail partners with appealing and accurate photos, videos and content, and are happy to provide you with them, indemnifying you for their use as long as you adhere to our Branding Guidelines. Please contact Angela Nealey at with your request to include:
- asset type (image, video, content)
- name of product(s)
- if image(s), please specify resolution, size, format (jpg, png, ai)
- how you'd like them sent (Dropbox, FTP site, email, etc.)