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Talus Products Wholesale Handicapped Parking Permit Protector High Road
Handicapped Parking Placard Holder

Keep parking placards free of stains, rips and tears

MSRP $2.99
High Road Blind Spot Mirror from Talus High Road
Stick-On Blind Spot Mirror

Convex side-view mirror provides view of the blind spot

MSRP $2.99
High Road<br>Emergency Car Blanket High Road
Emergency Car Blanket

Lightweight reflective emergency blanket

MSRP $4.99
Talus High Road CarHooks Headrest Hangers High Road
CarHooks® - 2 pack

Convenient headrest hangers

MSRP $5.99
Talus High Road Memory Foam Car Seat Belt Pad High Road
Memory Foam Seat Belt Pad

Cushioned microsuede pad

MSRP $7.99
Talus High Road Car Visor Registration Holder High Road
Car Registration and Insurance Holder

2-pocket document holder

MSRP $7.99
Talus High Road Car Cupholder Coasters, 2-pack High Road
Cupholder Car Coasters - 2 Pack

Absorbent car coasters fit most vehicle cup holders

MSRP $7.99
Neoprene 2-pocket key ring case New Smooth Trip Key Caddy

Compact neoprene case with key ring holds cards, cash and sanitizer or lotion bottles

MSRP: $7.99
Talus High Road Car Clothes Hanger and Carrier High Road
Car Clothes Hanger and Carrier

Pivoting 8-garment hanger

MSRP $8.49
Talus' High Road Dash Phone Holder High Road
Dash Stand

Movable dash phone holder

MSRP $8.99
Talus HR Express Glove Box Organizer, Console Organizer and Door Pocket Organizer High Road
Glove Box Organizer

7-file glove box organizer

MSRP $9.99
Talus High Road Contour CarHooks High Road
Contour CarHooks® - 2 Pack

Cushioned headrest hooks

MSRP $10.99
Talus High Road Windshield Mount Phone Holder High Road
Smartphone Windshield Mount

Pivoting window phone holder

MSRP $12.99
Talus High Road LED Digital Tire Gauge High Road
LED Digital Tire Gauge

Digital tire gauge with LED light

MSRP $14.99
Talus High Road Visor Organizer High Road
Car Visor Organizer

5-pocket sun visor organizer

MSRP $14.99
Auto Document and Glove Box Organizer High Road
Auto Document Case and Glove Box Organizer

6 pocket document organizer

MSRP $17.99
Talus 5A Triple USB Car Charger High Road
5A Triple USB Car Charger

Fast-charge USB with 3 ports

MSRP $17.99
Talus High Road Car Seat Protector Mat High Road
Seat Protector Mat

Protective kid's car seat mat

MSRP $24.99