Offering organizational, comfort and convenience products that make life on-the-go easier and more efficient.

Talus has been providing quality, problem-solving products to travel, auto and organization retailers since 1985. We pride ourselves on fast order turnaround and friendly, responsive service. We offer innovative products as well as good performing 'basics' at solid value, with packaging designed for attention-getting profitability. And our strong, long-term sourcing relationships domestically and abroad provide you with the security of knowing you will receive your orders in a timely manner. Please call us anytime to let us know how we can serve you.

299 Presumpscot St.
Portland, ME 04103
Phone: 207-871-9230, toll free: 800-634-8180
Fax: 207-871-1654. toll free: 800-262-1884

Email: info@talusproducts.com

Office hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm EST Monday - Friday

Directory Listing

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Kim Filippone 207-871-9230 kim@talusproducts.com
Customer Service - EDI Sue Simon 800-634-8180 sues@talusproducts.com
Operations Jack Pringle 207-871-9230 jack@talusproducts.com
Accounts Receivables Jane Jewett 207-871-9230 jane@talusproducts.com
Shipping & Receiving
Sue Osier 207-871-9230 sueo@talusproducts.com
Design Jason Currier 207-871-9230 jason@talusproducts.com
Merchandising Angela Nealey 207-871-9230 angie@talusproducts.com
CEO David McClees 207-871-9230 david@talusproducts.com